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The Recent Future appears onThe Recent Future

Saw Mill Baby

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

nathan jones i’m a future man
you could see my soul there in my hands
see me walking down the track
i’m gone to texas ain’t never coming back


hear them singing in the pines
they all going east with the turpentine
from nachitoches out to farraday
i’ll be rambling round with all my pay


sayin boy what you gonna do
nobody got no use for you
one day you gonna see
it ain’t no way to be


when i was a baby boy
crosscut saw would be my toy
now it’s time i’m leaving home
cuz the sawmill won’t leave me alone


lay me down take off my skin
you came to me upon the wind
saw your lips a painted red
and the saw mill singing in my head


saying boy what you gonna do
nobody here gonna marry you
now you played out your string
all that’s left to do is sing


in my dream i was so free
i was fifteen miles below the sea
where i can’t hear the gears a rust
it’s just me and the octopus


got a faraway feeling in my head
i’m sleeping rough ain’t got no bed
can’t you hear the sawmill moan?
i’m a saw mill baby and i’m almost grown...