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Is it summertime already?

Dear Lord...has it really been since January that I updated this News section? Holy hell...well suffice to say lots has happened and I have proof somewhere. The Springtime has come and gone and now we're hitting the 90 degree time. Just as well. I've been trying to get this adhesive off my arms. Perhaps it will simply melt away. Here's some news: New Tin Men CD on its way. I'm crapping you negative. Also going to the Ascona Jazz Festival with Tin Men and Debbie Davis. Ain't that some shit? Also going out West with Tin Men in August...dates will be posted ASAP. Come say hello...

New Write Brothers CD

Hey I'm in a new band with these fellas Spencer Bohren, Paul Sanchez and Jim McCormick. We have a CD out now called "First Flight". It's mostly songs we wrote together, plus new interpretations of one another's songs. Playing our NOLA debut gig at Chickie Wah Wah on Jan 16 at 8...

Offbeat Review of Redhaus show

Thanks to Laura DeFazio, Aurora Nealand, Mike Darby and everyone who came out! What a great space!


Of all the incredible events and concerts that went on this past Halloween weekend, the most memorable was also the most bizarre.

The Redhaus, an Alice-in-Wonderland-level-trippy art space on St. Claude complete with a thoroughly life-threatening tree house structure out back, marked its reopening Sunday night with an underground concert featuring Frenchmen notables Alex McMurrayAurora Nealand, and Mike Darby.

Redhaus Reopening ShowVarious collaborators had been hard at work for weeks to ready the gutted double shotgun for the show, but everything was still fascinatingly precarious, with countless nooks and crannies and weird surprises.

A giant mechanical skeleton swimming in psychedelic projections hung from the ceiling, a gondola from the 1984 World’s Fair sat perched casually in a treetop in the yard, narrow exposed steps led to a maze of causeways in the rafters. Toilets were to be found sporadically, in various random-seeming little rooms throughout the bowels of the cavernous house.

The bare-bones nature of the construction evidently precluded a functioning heating system, but even on such a chilly night this was a problem easily (and happily) remedied at the bar.

Not to mention the shell-shocking performances.

The show was MC’d by local guitarist Dick Deluxe and kicked off with an enchanting series of duets by Alex McMurray on guitar and Aurora Nealand on accordion. The set mixed poignant old folk tunes, rowdy drinking chanteys, and lots in between.

This was followed by McMurray’s solo act, where he demonstrated his remarkable ability to move an audience with hilarious stand up wit and then seamlessly do the same, in a different way, with heart-wrenching ballads. A wildly talented musician to begin with, his engaging stage personality makes him a truly exceptional performer.

The subsequent solo act was a hypnotic electronic affair featuring a maniacal Aurora Nealand intoning chants and spewing out breakneck raps over loops of her own voice while crushing out spooky synth chords. Later, she was joined by her garishly-costumed band Monocle for a wacked-out electric rock set.

Those familiar with her trad jazz act, the Royal Roses, once again had their minds boggled by the variety of musical hats she can wear, and with such aplomb. (See also her new rockabilly/arctic-exploration-fantasy concept album with Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers.)

The evening ended with high-voltage mania à la Darby, the rip roaring bluesman you may have rocked out to at the Apple Barrel on a Friday night. Various sit-ins like Rod Hodges and Joe Cabral of the Iguanas graced the stage, and the crowd (which included Helen Gillet and Sasha Masakowski) was on their feet and exuberant, despite the lateness of the hour.

It’s always inspiring and baffling to encounter enormous talent in small, unlikely places and for not very much money.

The audience members on Sunday, many of them giants in the local music scene themselves, were individuals who really appreciated what they were seeing, and the fact that the crowd was sparse and the venue unorthodox only added to the feeling of privilege.

The building provides a space where talented and versatile artists can showcase their really interesting stuff – the innovative side-projects that wouldn’t necessarily be marketable in conventional venues.

The reopening of the Redhaus is an auspicious sign for those at the forefront of city’s creative culture.

Alex plays and sings for

In which I sing and discuss the birthday number "Young Man's Game".

Check it out here


We have achieved maximum slowness. It is July. No Tin Men until August (except in Abita Springs July 19th). I have some shows at DBA and Yuki. They're on the schedule. Beatles Fest is July 12. We'll be celebrating the strange life of fallen Ubergrinch Dennis Zentek at Dennis Fest which is being held at DBA July 20. Check the shows page for further details. Also coming up in August are Royal Fingerbowl at Siberia on Aug 9 (Narcissy opens) plus shows at Rockwood in NYC and John & Peter's in New Hope, PA. Stay cool people.


Things mellow out somewhat over the 2nd weekend. On Friday there's a nice easygoing, laid back Valparaiso Men's Chorus show at the Hi Ho Lounge with the ever popular Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers. Saturday I'm "chillin'" at Siberia for a solo set starting at 6. Probably goes to 9. Sunday I'll be getting serene with my pals Carlo Nuccio and Joe Cabral at the Cafe Atchafalaya brunch starting at 11am, for all you non-festers. Sunday night I'll be decompressing with Susan Cowsill and friends as we tackle the Traveling Wilburys in the latest installment of Covered In Vinyl.


Grab your pith helmet and spats and get busy. It's that time of year again. I've got a big first weekend with Tin Men at the Fairgrounds, the Smothered Brothers at Pearl Wine Co. and the Royal Fingerbowl reunion at Siberia on Saturday. On Sunday I'm closing out the blues tent with the legendary Rodriguez, then heading over to Little Gem Saloon to play with my old pal Glenn Hartman in the Kings of the Small Time, then closing out the night over at Carrollton Station with Susan Cowsill and friends.


The Tin Men are headed to Japan to play a string of dates in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Mitaka and elsewhere, including at the Yokohama Jug Band Festival. If you can't make it yourself, tell a friend! For more info look HERE.

No ChazFest in 2014

Sadly there will be no ChazFest in 2014. Read about it here

Alex Heading Back To The Bay Area

Hitting some old hot spots (Armando's in Martinez, Sweetwater in Marin and Hummingbird Cafe in Fairfax) plus a new one "Catacombs" in SF. See the "shows" page for details...

Carlo's Birthday This Friday!

This friday it's Carlo Nuccio's 17th birthday so in honor of that we will do a program of music from the Alex McMurray catalog with full horn section.Charlie HalloranMartin KruscheTom Fitzpatrick and Eric Lucero will join Carlo, Joe Cabral and myself. Should be a fun time. Chickie Wah Wah Friday November 22 at 10:00.

Made the Tulane Hullabaloo.

My proudest moment. Read the article HERE

Made the Tulane News!

The "Stummin' Alum" strikes! Read all about it HERE.

Alex McMurray Interviewed by Gwen Thompkins at Tulane University

Part of the John J Witmeyer III Dean's Colloquium Series. Inviting "distinguished alumni" back to campus to discuss their careers and professions. 7pm Tuesday September 24 at Dixon Hall. & guess what? It's FREE and open to the public! More info HERE

Interview on L.A. Talk Radio

With Michael Sterling and Paul Strolli. Listen HERE.

Tin Men Head to Los Angeles

The Tin Men will be part of a show at The Mint in L.A. on Saturday Sept 14 at 9pm. Also with Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show featuring Arsene DeLay and Antoine Diel. More info HERE.

Desert Island NOLA food picks...

Frady's makes the cut. Check it out HERE.

Alex Does Zep on NPR

An excerpt of "What Is And What Should Never Be" for NPR's "Summer Songs" series. Hear the full interview with Gwen Thompkins here.

Summer's Over?

Back from the Summer Station Wagon Tour just in time for...Summer! Beat the heat this August with me at the Saturn Bar. Ten PM Thursdays.

Alex on WWOZ's "All The Way Live"

Avocado Woo Woo Now Available on itunes!

or you can get a better quality recording with artwork, etc at

Summer Dates Just Added

Midwest and East Coast Dates have just been added to the schedule. Alex solo, Tin Men, Rolling Road Show and more. Check it out on the shows page.

Tin Men show in Pittsburgh just announced.

Hey Pittsburgh people...the Tin Men will be playing at the Pittsburgh Winery on Friday July 19 at 8pm. You can purchase tickets HERE.

Made the News in Baton Rouge...

An article on Alex in The Advocate by John Wirt. You can read it HERE.

Royal Fingerbowl to appear at Chickie Wah Wah!

EXCLUSIVE! 90's Rock phenoms and TVT recording artists Royal Fingerbowl reunite for a special one-time-only performance!

OR: The Alex McMurray band without Bill. YOU MAKE THE CALL!