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The Recent Future appears onThe Recent Future

Crazy World

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

its a crazy world and i’m selling tickets
it’s a sticky old wicket i know
right this way to the end of the line
you’re just in time for the show


see the boy with his whip w the kung-fu grip
and the strongman the stagehand the freak
it’s a crazy world but it’s all we got
and we been held on for one more week


the clowns are all here ain’t no mistaking
can’t fake all that cake in their brains
pie for the face of the whole human race
while they loading us onto the trains
little lady of lourdes she’s swallowing swords
on a horse that can bark in chinese
and at the end of the night
move this trash out of sight
to a place no one ever sees


if your own bed of nails is getting you down
don’t frown cuz the end times are here
we can all pick our nose we can all pick a side
but you can’t pick your friend’s side it’s clear
but you can watch it for free on your porn-o-graph
did i say its free?
cuz it definitely ain’t free...
you can take it from me
we’ve already paid with our souls


it’s a crazy world but who knows maybe
today is the day
that everybody say
to hell with this screaming
let’s do a little dreaming
roll up our sleeves
and see who believes
that this might be worth saving
and while we’re behaving
let’s slip out of this trap while the devil is napping
stranger things have certainly happened