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Good News

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

just a little good news
would be so fine
it’s been a long time
since the world’s gone wrong
just a little good news
might keep you going
when nothing can
heal you and steel you
and the light is almost gone


when you’re no one
a face in the crowd
and you ain’t allowed
to sing from your soul
though there’ll be days
when the sun shines cold
if you can hold out and hold on
good news is going to make you whole


and when your life is over
and everything you trust
turns to dust
and your song is not your own
you can never fall apart
if you hear what’s in your heart
i know you will never ever be alone


with a little good news
once in a while
make you feel like a child
on a sunny day
a little good news
more precious than gold
so if you can hold out and hold on
i know you can find your way
you just got to hold out and hold on
your good news is coming today