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The Recent Future appears onThe Recent Future

Ain't the Same

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

they stopped the world and now it’s safe to go
it’s coiffed and it’s curled somehow they made it so
tell me stranger—weren’t you here before?
the note on the table they say that it’s yours
your coat’s on the nail and your teeth in the drawer
out in the streets everything’s going to hell
everyone meets here at the same hotel
over and over to sing the sad refrain
the gang’s all here but it ain’t the same


tell me more tell me more
what did you come here for?
did you leave something precious behind the famous door?
check with the desk there might be a message for you
but your friends they have left
who knows what’s true?
they say what they say and they do what they do
take this key see if it fits the lock
nothing is free anywhere on this rock
hear what i say you’re playing a dangerous game
the rules are familiar but they ain’t the same


come here quick come here quick
jules and pietro are here
with the pills and the papers get you away from here
go past the verandah where everything’s bought and sold
people are carrying what they can hold
nothing to do but do what you’re told
in all this confusion how could it be a crime
life’s an illusion merely a piece of time
you’ll disappear nobody knows your name
the future is here and it ain’t the same