Song Lyrics

On The Streets Again

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

it feels good to be back here, lord

you finally got me leaning forward

would you hear a song or two

about the times you put me through

and all the pieces of the sky

i want to see them by and by

open up your book for me

lord, for my name to see


i’m on the streets again

up on my feet again

a sometime citizen and the world is my own

and i got songs to share

i found them up in the air

but you can find them anywhere in the world you roam


i went to Texas as a pup
i saw your kingdom open up

i saw the wound a festering

i sort of thought I’d jump on in

and on the banks of the Ohio
i got into a deal and so
i turned tail and faded back

i started drifting another track


i thought i seen a miracle
i tried to make it lyrical
always want to wander out west

where the ghosts can’t find no rest

made my way from Washington

man i thought i was almost done

but i left a daughter in Saskatoon

i guess i’m heading back there soon


i set it down in Saskatoon
i spent while pushing brooms
but pretty soon that rambling jones

started aching in my bones
they took me down in Tukwila
i couldn’t make it another mile

a fella’s got to stop somewhere

might as well have been right there