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Around The World

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

i been around the world

i seen the birds fall from the sky

i seen the paper dolls

folded and faded my o my

and every drop of rain

seems to wash away the pain  

and every moonless sky

comes on like a lullaby


he used his wishes up

and now he's lost out on the road

a wound he stitches up

and goes on tearing what he sewed

and every drop of rain

might've seen him through the pain

and every moonless sky

might have been his lullaby


don’t let worry be your home

don’t let hurry be your only speed

and if you do decide to roam

may you find all you need


don't spend your love too fast

just save a little for the end

don't make your troubles last

or make 'em feel like they're your friends

‘cause every drop of rain

is going to see you through the pain

and every moonless sky

is going to be your lullaby