Song Lyrics

How To Be A Cannonball appears onHow To Be A Cannonball

Otis Takes it on the Lam

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

Little boy little boy little boy little boy little boy...

little boy can't you keep a secret don't you tell a soul

I'm underneath the sink with all the poisons

little boy-your pappy's pajamas hanging on the hook

can replace these clothesline clothes that I took

Little boy replace these clothes I took


Little boy won't you fix me up some coffee

I'm sick of nuthouse chow

Can't you knock those pots and pans around

Little boy don't you read the papers

Never learn to read

I'm not the man they say that got free

Little boy I'm not the man they say got free

Little boy someday we're gonna both be free


It never was the girl that drove me mad

Sometimes the ones you love you make them feel so sad

Never take a job that puts you on your knees

Never be a man nobody sees

Little boy don't them keep you on your knees


Little boy won't you pick apart the ivy you must know the way

Your neighborhood to me the yards all look the same

Little boy it will be just like the circus

Look at all the lights

We'll sleep by day and travel every night

Little boy I like to travel in the night


Little boy no one likes a squealer but the pachyderm don't care

Remembering the hurt of something long ago

Little boy it will be always cotton candy never mind the whip

Never mind a soul in case you slip

I'll teach you how to be a cannonball

I'll place the net precisely where you'll fall

You're a born performer, anyone can see

And someday you'll be just like me