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Lucky One appears onLucky One

I'm the Lucky One

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

i’m the lucky one

might not look it but it’s true

i got lucky on the day that i found you

i was lost and i couldn’t find my way

our paths crossed and that was such a lucky day


oh i’m the lucky one

and i have no right to be

maybe together we can cross this raging sea

you’re my star you’re my light upon the shore

you’re my anchor when i just can’t drift no more


and trouble trouble comes to every man

always waiting with a little trouble in his hand

but the devil’s right behind you

gonna chase you up a tree

even find him in the sunshine where your angels ought to be


but i’m lucky one and i thank the stars above

all of kentucky couldn’t hold all of my love

maybe tomorrow gonna wake up and i’ll say

that it’s just my luck

it’s just my luck

it’s just my luck that’s here to stay

oh it’s just my luck that’s come my way