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Dear Old Daddy

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

I don’t get around much anymore

it takes so long to get up off the floor

you got me on my knees the whole day thru

sometimes it hurts for me to play with you

so many things that you can’t understand

til you grow up to be an older man

i’m gonna be right here until i’m not

i’m afraid that what you see is all i got

now don’t you move so fast buddy can’t you see

i’m your dear old daddy take it easy on me


and when i think about my younger days

running wild with my childish ways

i’m glad you never met the younger me

i wasn’t always nice as i could be

when i go to pick you up from school

they ask me whose grandpa are you?

& the other mothers never look my way

sometimes i think they wish i’d go away

so let’s ditch this place you better hold my hand

i’m your dear old daddy doing everything i can


one fine day

make it worth every tear i had

to hear you say

dad you wasn’t really all that bad


things will fall apart in fits and spurts

i’m keeping track of everything that hurts

one day i’m gonna bill you for my time

until then everything that’s yours is mine

but what i wanna say for what it’s worth

is that i love you more than anything on earth

i’ll keep on waking up and hopefully

i’ll stick around until you’re sick of me

but until that day i hope you understand

i’m your dear old daddy doing the best i can