New Single "Gluestick Situation" Available for Free Download

Check it out HERE!!!


New Single "Num Num Charlie" Out Now!


And now some light fare for these freewheeling times. "Num Num Charlie" is now available on Bandcamp in any file format you prefer. All three recent singles are right there for easy picking. "Ninth Ward Chickens" and "Halleloo" are up on itunes if that is what you're into.

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New Single Out Now!



Hey Kids check out my latest single "Halleloo" ... with the help of the great James Singleton, Mike Dillon and Lynn Drury. I hope you like it. Drop me a line and tell me what you think...

And the "Ninth Ward Chickens" are still looking for a place to roost. Give the bird a boost!


More coming soon..


you'll see...


Ninth Ward Chickens now is on itunes!




Head on over to itunes and pick up "Ninth Ward Chickens" right here.


Still available on Bandcamp! Check it out!



Get Your Ninth Ward Chicken Here!


Hey my new single "Ninth Ward Chicken", recorded with the Morning Forty Federation right here in the 9th Ward is available RIGHT HERE!


Check it out!


World Premiere "Ninth Ward Chickens"


Wednesday 9/14/2016 on WWOZ at 12:30pm

Hey my new tune "Ninth Ward Chickens" will be having its world premiere TODAY (9/14/16) on George Ingmire's show on WWOZ at 12:30. The song features sterling performances by the Morning 40 Federation and was recorded right here in 9th Ward chicken country...the song will be download-able soon on Bandcamp and Itunes...details to follow!